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Test Report about Compex SP8.0

Since the SP8.0 from Compex Austria has accompanied me well over the last 5 months and I have been able to recover well between competitions, training sessions, travel days, etc., I am writing down my experiences and impressions. When I got in touch with Eric in mid-June, we talked about my goals and plans for the summer and sat comfortably in the sun with a coffee, I already had a test device in my hand. From then on, the small and practical device accompanied me for 5 months and over 11,000 km. The Compex was used almost every day, sometimes after hard training, sometimes after triathlon competitions. Of course, but also simply to loosen up the legs after 7 hours in the car seat, for neck tension or relaxation massages. I am very stunned. Of course, my travel partners were always able to enjoy the pleasant muscle stimulation right away - together it's twice as much fun, and the enthusiasm was high here too.

You have 3 different devices: - the controller (as small as a smartphone) - the pods (4 pieces with 2 sides each) - the pads (small, large or double, to be applied to the skin)

The desired function is selected via the controller in the very simply designed menu. Training recovery, relaxation massage, endurance, strength, capillarization and regeneration massage are available here. Each selection has subgroups to choose exactly the muscle group you want to target. By "gluing" up to 8 adhesive pads (adhesion through microgel), the connection between the muscle and the device is established. Each "pod" has 2 ends (at the beginning and end of the muscle) and thus manages to create a conduit through the muscle. It's super easy to use, with easy-to-read sketches on the device showing where to place the pads to target that muscle. There really isn't anything you can do wrong. This is followed by the program selection via the controller, the display shows how many pods are in use, the intensity of the treatment and how long the cycle will last. My most used programs were training recovery and regeneration massage, as I do a lot of training as an endurance athlete. The massage was always great after long car rides between the individual competitions. I also always had it with me when flying to competitions. You simply pack the device in a small pouch and always have it with you. A full battery charge easily lasts a week for me (with daily use). I will definitely test the strength, endurance and capillarisation programs during my build-up training for the coming season. I recommend electrostimulation to every athlete who trains several times a week. It helps a lot to keep the body fresh and to shorten the regeneration times.


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