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Updated: Nov 5, 2022

The new SIOLS PFR frames are awesome. Multiple colors and surfaces make this frame special. You can choose colors like carbon white, carbon black, black matt rubber touch, steel blue, bronze matt, lime, midnight blue, sand, aqua, midnight blue, racing red and many more options.

Also the range of lenses is endless. No matter if you are a cyclist, a runner, a mountain-biker, a winter lover doing ski touring or cross country skiing, there is a perfect lens for every activity. Even if you are just road tripping or city exploring, there are many lens options for your daily adventure.

The very easy and intuitive mechanism for changing lenses makes these sport glasses the best glasses in every weather condition. With an easy push and twist on a single front piece you can take off your lens and replace it with a different one. Bright, dark, double layered thermal, reflective, polarized or even color changing are your options to choose from. The shape is very different too, there are two different sizes to choose from to make it fit your face perfectly.


For me, as I have allergies like hay-fever, its important to wear glasses on my daily runs. I ran with glasses my whole life and I struggled to find some that don't "bounce" while running. With the SIOLS PFR frames this is no struggle anymore. With special rubber coating on the sides and an adjustable nose clip, these glasses stay tight on my face the whole workout. Special holes in the lens make airflow throughout the glasses possible to prevent a foggy view



What's more important? Good vision or style? You are right- both. With the Siols Cycling range you don't have to miss out on any of it. Different sizes, and models make it very easy for you to find your best fit and style. Good eye protection is most important for cycling glasses as constant wind, bugs or even mud is bad for your vision.


Winter conditions are always challenging. Is it sunny or cloudy, is it cold or hot, is it foggy or clear, is it snowing or dry? All these questions and just one pair of glasses to fit all of that. With the SIOLS range you are always right. Even for very cold winter days you'll find the matching lens, like the two layered thermo lens.

Go to SIOLSVISION.COM and find your personal favorite.


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