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Tubolito - MTB

What you need to know about Tubolito, they are awesome.

What has been a startup is now a high-tech thermoplastic elastomer cycling tube producer. They offer a wide range of tubes for every bike and wheel size you can imagine, but lets stick to the Mountainbike versions.

  • TUBO-MTB (26", 27,5" & 29")

  • S-TUBO-MTB (26", 27,5" & 29")

  • TUBO-MTB-PLUS (27,5" & 29")

  • TUBO-MTB-PSENS (27,5" & 29")

In this test report we focus on the TUBO-MTB and the S-TUBO-MTB as we are here on the island of Sardinia for a 4 days Mountainbike stage race (300+km/9000hm). What are the differences between the two tested tubes in the 29" version? Not much, but the weight is a lot 85g and 45g being both extremely strong. In my opinion the slightly heavier tube is perfect to race on while the extra-light version is awesome to keep as a spare in your jersey or saddle bag.

Why orange? I have never asked this question myself, but I think its an awesome color to stick out from normal black butyl tubes while looking fast and strong. The tubes are very easy and quick mounted into your wheels as they have a great shape and material to stay in place without getting squished between the rim and the tire. Also a great feature is the texture, its so slick that it doesn't stick on the rubber from the tire to make changing tubes even easier.

The strength of these tubes is insane, while the S-TUBO with its 45g has the same strength as standard butyl tubes with a multiple weight, the TUBO is twice as strong and almost impossible to puncture.

I was riding the TUBO pared with a MAXXIS IKON front and rear for the whole stage race. It was rocky, dry and lots of thorns, but I never had a flat on all 4 stages- it was awesome. Still kept 2 little friends in my back pocket as the S-TUBO doesn't bother me at all being just as big as a 1€ coin when its rolled up and packed.

If I could get your attention on these awesome products, visit TUBOLITO and get your hands on one of the orange tubes.


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