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PIROPE XA30 lightweight "Rainbow edition"

Lets talk about the new PIROPE XA30 wheel-set which I got special made matching my team kit in the rainbow colors. What people ask me:

  • Are these spokes ropes?

  • What is the weight?

  • Is this a 30mm rim already?

  • Is this wheel set stiff?

  • Are these ropes strong enough when jumping?

  • How many teeth does this free hub has?

  • What's the prize?

Lets start with the design, aren't these spokes something really special? Since summer 2022 PiRope offers its own wheel set configurator online where you can choose all the components + the color of your spokes, how amazing is that.

What are these spokes made out of? HMHT fibers are bundled into spokes which are then mounted into the rim and the hub. These high end fibers can handle a big amount of energy and are perfect for replacing normal metal spokes.

The weight of this wheel set is only 1050g which is extremely light for the width of a 30mm rim. Even though the weight is so light, it doesn't miss out on performance, stiffness or comfort.

These spokes are tested with extreme impacts and went through a lot of fielt testing out on the trails - believe me, they are strong. I did a lot of big races and jumps on them, they can handle it all. Speaking about stiffness and strength, I am a cross country and marathon rider, not sure about downhill, but that's another story.

Of course we all want to know how much money we have to put down at the end of the day. If you want to ride as light and fast as me you can get these wheels for 2418€ (of course without my signature rainbow style).

Go to PIROPE.COM and checkout their new 3D wheel set configurator to build your dream build online.


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