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Ink is a Graphic Design & Digital Marketing Studio. We work globally with brands to create designs that help their business' grow. Passion is the fuel behind the work we construct at ink International Design Studio. From start to finish we aim to create a design that is purely unique for you and your business.



Our customers. Our friends. "For us, sport and exercise are part of a happy life today as it was in our childhood and youth"! This attitude is lived at Nora Pure Sports and the entire team! “Doing something good for our customers, supporting you in your sporting activities and being at your side as a partner and advisor as best as possible! That gives us strength and energy and is fun every day! " Values such as reliability and continuity determine our actions. This applies to the selection of our products as well as to the advice and support provided to our customers, and has been for almost 70 years. Suppliers are long-term partners whom we respect. Our team of employees is an important part of our success. There is a personal bond with each individual. That is why a large number of employees have been with Nora Pure Sports for many years.



Pure performance. Sportiness, innovation, individuality and perfection. These are the ideal materials that make up SIOLS sports glasses. Everything else is high tech and experience at the highest level. This is what vision looks like when it comes to life. We at SIOLS are convinced that there is the perfect sports glasses for everyone. That is why we have been developing every detail of high-performance sports glasses with and without prescription lenses for decades. Each model is ideally matched to its intended use. Design is a must, innovation and function are the way forward, perfect quality is the result. #SPORTSVISION

absolute BLACK

absolute BLACK


We specialize in manufacturing of performance enhancing bicycle components that change the way you ride.

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Born in Australia, the home of swimming, Zoggs is now swimming all around the world.
At Zoggs we have a passion for creating innovative, exciting and high quality swimwear and swim equipment.
We want all swimmers, whether just starting out; swimming for fitness or recreation; swimming in the great outdoors or in a triathlon, to enjoy the freedom, fun and exhilaration of the water.
What matters to us is that swimmers enjoy life in the fun lane with unconditional trust in their Zoggs swimwear, goggles and equipment.



PI ROPE is an individual spoke and wheel manufacturer at the foot of the Ore Mountains. We manufacture particularly light impellers with textile spokes for discerning customers in laborious manual work.



The Ride Ahead

Racing, training, touring, commuting.
Every day is a new opportunity to expand your horizons.

By taking innovation to the next level and creating the world's best tires,
we're on that journey too.



Suspension Lab is Austria's leading independent mountain bike suspension specialist based in Vienna. We focus on providing as individual a service as possible in order to respond to the needs of our customers. The business was founded in 2014 and processes around 1000 suspension forks, dampers and seat posts per year. In addition to new bike products, various bike services have also been offered since 2017. Our technicians have over 15 years experience in the mountain bike industry and over 10 years servicing and adjusting suspension components.



Born in Evanston Illinois in 1982, Lake quickly became a household name for cycling shoes. As the sport grew in North America, so did the versatility and demand for more styles. The MXZ303 (winter boot) was created because of a very cold climate that hit Lake’s headquarters every year, the shores of Lake Michigan, where temperatures are quite possibly the coldest in North America. Many other innovative designs have come from Lake’s shoe collections over the years. More recently Lake was the first to design and produce the MX 331 Cyclocross specific model and today it remains the “holy grail” of cyclocross shoes.



Are you looking for physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage or sports science achievements? Then you've come to the right place. In our practice we offer you many different options for rehabilitation, prevention and performance optimization. Our team consists of trained physiotherapists and sports scientists who are happy to accompany you in training various sports.

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The Happyland was opened in the 1970s as one of the most modern facilities in Austria at the time. With its spacious sports, recreation and leisure facilities, it not only offered numerous sports opportunities for private individuals, but also ideal training and playing conditions for clubs. In the following years, many of the Klosterneuburg associations settled in the immediate vicinity of Happyland or found their new home here.



Christian Lembacher (material science engineer) and Akos Kertesz (mechanical engineer) are the founders of Tubolito. In their previous jobs the enthusiastic mountainbikers were developing loudspeakers for mobile phones. Working on new hight-tech materials as a membrane material for loudspeakers, which needs to be very light and robust, the idea came up to revolutionize the 100-year-old bike tubes made of rubber.



AQUATIC swimming ponds have been built all over Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and even Greece since their development in 1991. At that time, the biologist Dr. Ulrike Wychera and her colleague realized the AQUATIC swimming pond for the first time based on findings from many studies on Austria's waters. Through plant mapping of natural water bodies and other limnological studies, she is familiar with the complex relationships between all groups of organisms in a water body, producers, consumers and degrading organisms.



A specialist sports apparel manufacturer with an emphasis on Cycling, Triathlon and Running. We are a Spanish company devoted to the design and manufacture of sports garments and school uniforms for 25 years. Our speciality is the made to measure manufacturing and customisation of garments for teams.



Klosterneuburg is a city that can also have a high proportion of greenery in built-up residential areas. This makes Klosterneuburg a true "town in the countryside" with a high recreational value. Because securing the quality of life and living, the preservation of the green structures in the Wienerwald landscape are always in the foreground in urban development and in particular in spatial planning policy. Klosterneuburg has also established itself as an attractive business location for trade, crafts, tourism, services and also for freelancers. A total of around 1,500 companies are now based in Klosterneuburg.



We are a young & dynamic Viennese company specializing in professional vehicle care and foiling. We offer the following services: Gentle hand wash, special car care, motorcycle soft clean hand wash, vehicle service and maintenance, tuning foils, window foils, headlight foils, flat glass foils and much more. Our workshop is located at Guschelbauergasse 8 in the 21st district of Vienna. We are already looking forward to your visit! Caution! On the first visit there is a one-time 20% price discount for a gentle hand wash!

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