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Xterra Germany - Short Track

Only the top 30 of the World Cup started the race. I started the race with starting number 14, it was clear that this had to be beaten. But how much energy do I invest in the "short track" if the "main event" only takes place the next day? Of course I can't hold back and try to put the pressure on. After the swim I was in a good position, close to the top 10. But the short rain before the race and the hot sun not only made the trails extremely slippery but also made the air difficult to breathe. With a solid run, I finished 18th and was able to win a few World Cup points for myself.

Then we went "biking" to get the lactate out of our legs. The start time of the short track was only at 16:45 and the next race is already in the morning the day after.

The short track is a very intense race format, 400m swim, 6km bike, 2km run. In addition, rounds are completed with so-called "obstacles" to offer the audience a great show.


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