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XTERRA World Cup #1 Asia Pacific Championship, Taiwan

Updated: Jun 15

I traveled with a friend from Germany (Scott Anderson) over a week before the event to really get used to the time difference and the climate. Together we spent every day on the track, either running, swimming or cycling. They were great days and I knew every meter of the course. Because this was the first World Cup of the season, there were a few other events for me the week before the race. Photo shoots for the new profile pictures and race announcements in the World Cup, as well as for the new racing suits, so that the sponsors are up to date.

I also had interview appointments and a cool Q&A for the Xterra Podcast, everything will appear online soon. Of course we also enjoyed the food all week, lots of donburis, boxes, rice and fish dishes - perfect for getting the important proteins and carbohydrates after training.

On race day it started at 3 a.m. when the alarm went off, then we had breakfast for 30 minutes and another 1 hour power nap. At 4:45 we went to the transition area where we set up our bikes and running shoes. At 5:15 a.m. again for a short activation run and at 5:30 a.m. swimming in the water. At 5:50 all the elite athletes were introduced again on the beach and promptly at 6:00 with sunrise we started the 1500m swimming distance. There were 2 laps of 750m to complete, with a 30m beach run in between. Then it was a long path and several steps to the first transition area. I came out of the water with a good group and together we set up a good pace on the bike. Going into the first trail, everyone was pushing the pace, I felt good, but a look at the bike computer told me more about the pace and the power - 500 watts was too high, so I took out a little and had to use two more powerful ones .

Together with a colleague from Australia, I rode the entire bike route, almost to the transition area. The steep climbs, the narrow trails and technical descents were a challenge for everyone, but the high temperatures and high humidity took things even further. I had plenty of drinks and food with me, and cups of water at the refreshment stations helped cool my body temperature.

Back in the transition area, after 30km of mountain biking, I put on my running shoes and started the final 11km cross-country run. The trails were steep and winding, you could never see whether someone was walking in front of you or behind you - a game with the psyche. I wanted to make up one or two places, but there was no one in sight. But suddenly I overtook an athlete in front of me, which motivated me to pick up the pace again. After almost 3 hours I crossed the finish line in 12th place. So I got important World Cup points for the still very young season. Next stop: Xterra World Cup #2 Greece at the end of April.


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