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Xterra Czech Republic - Short Track

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Of course, I also qualified for the "Shorttrack" the next day, where only the strongest 25 elite men and women are allowed to start. This event only lasts about 30 minutes and is broadcast live. The racing intensity is thus even higher and exciting for the audience, also perfect for presenting sponsors.

Totally unexpected I was able to swim the first of 2 laps (2x200m) with the leading group. After that I lost some time but still came out of the water very far in front. I was able to really push the bike on the first of 4 very technical laps with ramps and rock gardens, but after that I had to slow down a bit, I could still feel the race from the day before. On the final 2 laps I made up a place and finished 16th with the top 10 just a few seconds ahead of me.

With a good feeling we continue to Germany for the next World Cup race next weekend.


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