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4 Islands MTB Stage Race Croatia

4 islands (Krk, Rab, Cres, Mali Losinj) 4 days 4 stages The race is driven in teams of two, both drivers have to cross the finish line together. I started this race for the 3rd time, but for the first time with my teammate Christopher Schwab. On Tuesday morning we traveled to Croatia to enter and make all the preparations. We were on the road together with another team from the Nora Racing Team. Punctually at 10:05 a.m. we started the race only 5 minutes behind the UCI drivers. The first climb was a bit narrow and therefore hectic and stressful, as it was about getting a good position before going onto the singletrack. We mastered this perfectly and were soon at the front of the field. So after that we were able to rely completely on ourselves and drive at our own pace. This stage started and arrived in Baska, beautiful coasts, technical and challenging trails made this day perfect. 3 more perfect days followed and at the end of the 4 days we were able to secure 1st place among the amateur teams.

Stage 1: ⏱3:21:25 ⛰71km 1750hm 🏁19th place (1st amateur team) Stage 2: ⏱ 2:58:23 ⛰ 65km 1120hn 🏁 15th place (1st amateur team) Stage 3: ⏱ 3:08:54 ⛰ 65km 1600hm 🏁 16th place (1st amateur team) Stage 4: ⏱ 1:57:21 ⛰ 40km 975hm 🏁 14th place (3rd amateur team) Overall after 4 days: 14th place 😃


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