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Xterra Poland

Already on Tuesday we traveled to Kraków, for the first time I visited the nice old town, and not far away at a breathtaking lake was the competition place. We practiced on the track on Wednesday and Thursday so that I know exactly where to step on the gas and where to hold back, where there are key points and where it is possible to overtake or drink. The running course was also very technical, lots of small winding curves, some short climbing passages make it really exciting. Sunday 12 August 1:30 p.m. the starting gun, a large field of professionals starts the race. I swam 2 laps of 750m each. After a good 20 minutes, I got out of the water and was in the top 15. Unfortunately, I didn't find out about this result until after the race. I quickly found myself on the bike again, I want to put pressure on right away - like I'm used to on the bike. This time, however, the legs are not so lively and I have to take it easy first. Making space to make up space was an unthinkable tactic, so I just gave everything I could and drove my pace. My legs felt a bit more comfortable in the running shoes and I was able to work my way up to 12th place. This was definitely not what I went to Kraków for, but the best thing that could have happened that day. I think I'll be back 😋 Next stop: Xterra Germany European Championship next Saturday in Zittau.


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