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Xterra Norway

When I set up my transition zone at 9:30 a.m., the water temperature was determined - 13 degrees! 😮 So the decision is made to shorten the swim distance from two to just one lap (750m). I'm really happy. When I came out of the water in 5th place, only 1:30 behind the leader, it was clear that a lot is possible today. I was able to speed up on the bike straight away and catch up with the group in front of me. In between I drove up to 2nd place, but then I came into the second transition zone as 3rd, only 20 seconds behind 2nd. Behind us there was no one for more than a minute. But the run was hard, long and had a few meters of altitude. The distance to the leader and the 2nd remained almost unchanged, but a very strong runner came from behind, who was able to overtake me with 1.5km to go. I ended up finishing 4th in the Elite. With this result I was able to collect more points to move up into the top 10 in the overall ranking of the European Tour. Next stop: Xterra Denmark Mons Klint next Sunday.


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