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Xterra Italy/Scanno

After the race in France two weeks ago, I went to Italy. This is my 5th time at the start, and this race through the old town of Scanno is definitely my favorite in Europe.

I felt a lot better than 2 weeks ago so I just looked at what was possible and did my best. I came out of the water in 11th place, unexpectedly far ahead. I pushed on the bike, but quickly realized that I wasn't quite able to get the performance I was used to.

There were 30km to master with 1400 technical meters of altitude, fast descents, single trails and an enormous amount of heat. Back in the transition zone as 12th, I started the running track. Again we went through the old town, with a lot of altitude and technical trails. I finally finished in 13th place. I am not yet satisfied with the result, but after the last few weeks things are finally looking up again. 2 weeks until the European Championship.


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