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Xterra Icanno/Italy

We arrived from Viterbo on Tuesday to get used to the altitude in Abruzzo, Italy. I love the track, it's my 4th time here in Scanno old town. The race starts on Sunday at 12:30, quite late for a European race, so we had 2 breakfasts to have enough energy for the race. We swam in Scanno's mountain lake "Lago di Scanno". We, the pros, started at the front, about 3 minutes later the age group athletes. This time we swam without neoprene, I found a great group and we were able to speed up together. I came out of the water on 28th place, so it was important to get as far forward as possible on the bike. My legs felt a little heavy, but because I was riding my Hatdtail this time, I had to carry less weight on the 1300m and 30km. I came back from the bike in the transition area as 7th, I was happy about the good positions I had done, but towards the top 5 there was a big hole. Nevertheless, I gave everything, but it wasn't enough. I finished the xterra Italy 2018 as 7th in the elite in a time of 3:05:14 😁

My girlfriend Mikaela Jonsson also finished 7th in the women's elite.


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