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Xterra Greece

The goal was clear to improve the ranking of Cyprus, i.e. top 4 (top 5 but more realistic) I started the race with an amazingly good swim split, with only about 1:40 to the top, together with an equally strong biker from Belgium we put real pressure on the bike. I did 90% of the work, but Kris Coddens from Belgium gave me additional motivation to give everything. I came to position 6 in the 2nd change zone, quickly switched to my running shoes and was able to start running with about 10 seconds before the 7th.

I kept the lead for the first km and thought I would make up some time because I felt fit. Over time I was caught up and was able to run for a while, but on the very fast running downhills I had to let Kris go and was then in seventh place. Towards the end of the run it was only flat to the finish, no chance nor time was good close. I finally crossed the finish line in 7th place with the top 5 within reach. With good points, I was able to place myself in 2nd place after the 2nd race in the 2019 European Ranking. The season has just started, but it's definitely a good start.

Now I'm on my way to Spain, because the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship is on April 30th.


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