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Xterra Germany ECS

Xterra Germany European Championships. In 2014 I was already at the start here at the ITU World Championships, in 2015 and 2016 I was also at the start at the xterra. This year one of the major European Cross Triathlon events is here, the Xterra European Championship. With me there were 37 elite starters and several elite starters. At 11:30 a.m. the starting shot was fired, and we swam in the nice Olbersdorfer See near the former coal town of Zittau. There were 2 laps to do, with a short shore leave in between. After 1.5km I came out of the water, I feel quite well, but I came out very far behind. I quickly switched to the bike route, followed by 5 other athletes in tow. My pace was very high and soon I was able to shake off everyone. Gradually I made up space for space and came back to the 2nd transition area as 13th. When running, the legs were a bit strained and the pace of the competition was high. I managed to finish 12th with an average run. Very happy with this result, my tour continues north to Xterra Finland.


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