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Xterra Denmark, Xterra ECS Tour Final

Xterra European Tour Season Finale Møns Klint. With the last 3 strong races in the last few weeks, I went into the last Xterra race of the European Series with a lot of confidence. The start was punctual at 10 a.m. - we swam in the sea. After 1500m in the water there were 497 steps to climb over the steep coast to the transition zone. I got pretty far back in the transition area, but with my positive attitude and my performance on the bike I tried to push forward. I managed this relatively well until I came to the transition zone in 8th place to switch to running. I didn't have the best bike legs this time, but they were all the faster on the final run. I started the run 2 minutes behind the one in front of me. We had to cover 2 laps of 5km. After the first lap I had already gained 1 minute and by the 2nd lap 30 seconds. In the end we had to walk up the 497 steps towards the finish. I caught up 29 seconds, but it wasn't enough for the finish sprint. I finished 8th this time, one second down on 7th place. Given the fact that my legs weren't really fresh after the last few races, I'm quite happy with the result. In addition, I was able to secure more points at this "Gold Event" and thus climb to 9th place in the overall ranking 😁 Now it's time to rest for a week before the last training block for the fall begins.


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