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Red Bull Dolomitenmann

For the third time I am at the start of the RedBullDolomitenmann, for the first time under the name “Bioteaque” with my colleagues Finn (running), Axel (paragliding) and Martin (kayak). As in 2021 and 2022, I took over the mountain bike part. I had to cover 32km with 1600m elevation gain. This team competition is known as the toughest in the world, and in the 36th edition there were also women's teams at the start for the first time.

Our runner started the race at exactly 10 a.m., the starting line was in the center of Lienz. After just over 1.5 hours he handed over to our paraglider who, after a short stopover on the ski slope, finally landed in the stadium and handed over to me.

I pushed the pace, lying in 17th place I didn't want to give up any place, but if I did I'd rather do well. I found a good rhythm for the first 500hm, then there was a short, very technical downhill, climbs and root carpets made it really exciting. This was followed by a 1000m climb up to the Hochstein. There we went onto the ski slope, steep and fast.

I had to stay extremely focused and hope that the brakes didn't overheat. We rode the last part of the downhill down the famous “Lakata Trail” into the valley, 2 short climbs and I already handed over to our kayak driver. It took me just over 2 hours to complete the route and finished in the top 20. Martin in the kayak had some fitness problems and finished with a solid performance in 24th place


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