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Kosiak Löwe, 3. Unisport Austria Champs Bergduathlon

Since the European Cross Triathlon Championships are on the agenda for October 25th, I needed a competition beforehand to train for the toughness of the competition. Nothing is better than the Kosiak Löwe (12km with 1200hm on the bike and 1.8km with 400hm on the run - ONLY uphill) For the first time I was at the start of this competition, a somewhat unconventional way of starting the competition on the bike. I was feeling a bit tired from the last few weeks of training, which is also clear because training was not taken out for this race.

But the first kilometers on the bike I felt really strong and I was able to ride at a good pace, even at the front at the beginning. But then my back started to hurt a bit, the cold temperatures and the constant uphill riding were not a good combination. When I reached the Klagenfurter Hütte, I quickly put on my running shoes and was able to put the pressure on immediately. I made up a few places and headed up the very steep climb, it was almost impossible to walk. After 1:25:29 I reached the top of Kosiak. We had to withstand extremely cold temperatures and wind. With my time, this meant winning the Unisport Austria Championship and I became "Academic Austrian Champion in Mountain Duathlon".


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