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Bike The Bugles, Krumbach

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

After I was at the start in Krumbach last year over the 70km distance, I decided this year to do the 35km with 1300hm because it suits me better in the cross triathlon season - the perfect training competition.

The starting gun sounded at 10:20 am sharp and more than 100 drivers started the race. Unfortunately, I started from the last row because I only decided to run at short notice. The first 350hm it goes up the mountain on asphalt or forest, the field pulls apart. My goal: to get into the leading group as quickly as possible, but that wasn't easy behind all the drivers, so I started the race with a sprint to get up front.

I manage to do this on the first 70 meters of elevation gain and so I was in 11th position, right at the front. After the first downhill, our group had already lost the first athletes and we were only 7. We were able to push well together and I was constantly riding between positive 1 and 3. After 22km one of the riders started an attack, me and another followed as well as possible, but after 2km there was a hole which was about 20-30 seconds long, but behind the first 3 there was also a small hole.

I ate well and rode my pace consistently - I was able to put pressure on the penultimate climb and close the hole to the leader, pass him and fix my victory in the last downhills and small uphills. After 1:52 hours I was the first to cross the finish line - what a day. The shape is right. In addition, 12 of my teammates were at the start. So we were also able to win 1st place in the team ranking.


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