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Austria Swim Run Series Klosterneuburg

The 1st Swimrun of the "Austria Swim Run Series" is history. What is special about this new sport is that there is no transition zone, so you swim with your running shoes and run with your swimming goggles on your head. I started the race on Saturday May 12th, there were 3 laps to complete, each with a 600m swim and a 2km run. Since this was the first time I was at the start of such a race format, I couldn't think of any tactics and so there was only one thing for me: full throttle from the start. We launched into the water and started with the 600m swim, which was interrupted by a 150m long landing on the other side of the lido. I came out of the water in 3rd place, the gap to the leader wasn't too big. My strength was running and so after a short time I was in 2nd place. I was still in this place after the 2nd and 3rd round, the winner "Norbert Nagl" was just too fast in the water 😉 In the Age group M-20 I got the win.


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