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Aloha Sprint Triathlon Traun

Yesterday I was at the start of a triathlon again, this time at the Aloha Tri Traun, near Linz. In addition to several kids' triathlons on Saturday, there was the Olympic and sprint distance on Sunday. In the sprint distance I had to swim 750m, cycle 25km and run 5km. After my last sprint triathlon took place on the Danube Island about 10 years ago, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, the youth are extremely strong on the short distances. One thing was clear, there was nothing to lose and it was full throttle.

The weather was also perfect, after the rain was announced, we finally had sunshine during the competition. Despite my heavy legs, I was able to significantly undercut my planned 1:10 and cross the finish line in 1:08:06 in the top 9. In the end it was even enough for 2nd place in the age group behind the very strong overall winner.


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