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Xterra Belgium/Namur

My 3 week journey started with a flight to South Africa. I flew to Durban, visited friends and family there. This was followed by a road trip on the east coast of South Africa to Cape Town/Stellenbosch. I was able to combine training and travel very well, and the cooler climate in South Africa was perfect for that. I arrived in Brussels well prepared for my Xterra in Belgium. The competition was held in the small town of "Namur" south of the capital. The competition course was laid out around the Citadelle de Namur, an old castle. 1.5km swimming, 40km mountain biking with 1100hm and 10km cross-country running with over 300hm had to be covered. Actually, this course is perfect (long, technical, hard biking). With the usual deficit after the swim, I started the second discipline. I was able to put pressure on immediately and overtake one after the other on the bike. The first 200hm up to the citadel were on a paved road, perfect to start catching up. The trails weren't that busy anymore and I was able to ride at my own pace. After the 1st of 2 laps I was already far ahead in the field (around the top 10 if I wasn't mistaken). i felt strong But then something happened that luckily I had never experienced to this extent. My whole body was plagued by cramps, not just in my legs but also in my upper body. My good position slipped further and further back in the starting field. It was no different when I changed into my running shoes, for the 10 km I needed half an eternity. Walking and standing was the technique, far from running. The positive thing about the story was the event itself. For the first time I was at the start in Belgium and it was really fun. The spectators create a unique atmosphere and the organizers did a perfect job. I definitely have an unpaid bill and I will definitely come back to Namur 🙂


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