Xterra Germany European Championship

I started at this race the first time in 2014 when there were also the ITU World Championships and I truly fell in love with it.

The very known “O-See-Challenge” is now one of my to dos during the last seasons. I started there for the 4th time already and it became one of my race classics. This time it was not only a normal Xterra race, it was the Xterra European Championship, so almost every athlete who wanted to show what is in him/her, came there to race.

I got there the Tuesday before for some relaxing days at the lake and the beautiful forests. I checked out the course twice, because it got changed a bit. It had never been so fast like this year. The long and hot summer dried the course like never before. The run course was completely new, we had to run 2 laps of 5km now instead of one big loop. It became more technical and less fast, but harder to run. On the Saturday the 18th of August we started into the race. 37 Elite athletes raced for the top spot of the podium. We had to swim 2 loops each 750m with a little running passage on the beach. I had a great swim and could follow my teammate Markus who is normally one minute faster than me out of the water. We came out super far back of the pack in 32/33 position.

I had a super fast T1 and managed to get out first of our group, but behind me 4 athletes following. I started to attack and managed to ride away from them, only one guy from France was able to follow me and we rode to the big climb together. I made up position by position and found myself in the top 15 after the bike.

I ran out of T2 on the 13th position with the goal to reach top 10. I tried to attach as strong as on the bike, but there wasn’t so much energy left to run fast on that day. I overtook one more guy and finished on the 12th place in this stacked pro field. Super happy with my performance I knew that I have to work on my run until the next big race in Finland in a week of time.

Photos: Carel du Plessis