Tubolito “TUBO MTB” 29er

These orange little tubes are from “Tubolito”, a little company based in Vienna.

I was lucky and had the chance to get in touch with them already in the start up time. The two founder Akos and Christian are two amazing characters who I started a big friendship with, after only a few words. After our first meeting back in 2016 our cooperation started, and I am now one of their companies team riders.

As I am most of the time training on my MTB, I use the “Tubo MTB” the most. There are a few words I copied from their website:

Low weight: For 29er tyres, more than 100g per wheel can be saved compared to standard butyl tubes – and almost twice as much space when packaged. The riding safety is twice as high as for standard tubes and offers maximum protection against a breakdown. The assembly is just as comfortable as with butyl products. Tubolito tubes are also a lightweight alternative for tubeless riders.

And this is my test review:

I am definitely one of the tubeless guys, because I just love it to ride my tires on a little bit lower tire pressure to have more grip on the uphills and downhills. More grip means less tire pressure, which means more dangerous to get a puncture. Since I am cooperating with them, I am riding Tubolito tubes in all my training wheel sets. As they already in their slogan say “not your normal tube” there is something special about them.


There are not only Tubolitos in my training wheel sets, I also always have one in spare with me which fits into my jersey pocket very easily due to its small size. My sport brings me all around the world and I tested the Tubo MTB on most of our continents. I tested them in Africa, Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Thats why I can say I know almost every soil and material you can ride on. Did the tire break? Almost never. No matter if it was sandy, rooty, rocky or if there were some needles, the Tubo MTB handled it all.

Due to its very strong membrane its almost impossible for thornes to destroy the tube. Even little snakebites are no problem for this little orange guy. Even if the tube gets destroyed by a sharp rock (you can see on my picture), the tube keeps the air.

Extremely easy to mount. Only with a few deep breaths you can inflate some air, the tube gets in shape easily and you can mount it between the tire and the rim easily, even without tools. The endless mess with milk that drops everywhere has finally an end.

Heavy weight? Not at all, with its super light 85g in the 29″ version, its one of the lightest tubes on the market, with a much stronger performance than normal tubes. It also lasts much longer than tubeless sealant, because there is no liquid that dries out.

A big advantage is the size, because the Tubolito doesnt take a lot of space, you will always find some space in your bike jersey. No matter if you are shredding some home trails in your training or if you are on an important race, this spare tube is never too big or too heavy to bring it with you.


I did my whole 2018 season preparation on one set of Tubo MTB, I rode hundreds of kilometers in training, and I even did some cross country competition with these in my tires- they never disappointed me.

And the best comes in the end. The crazy flashy orange color is so strong, that you will never have to search for your tubes again, not even if your garage is messy.


If you don’t believe me try it yourself, and get your own Tubolito today on https://www.tubolito.com