Scott Spark RC

My Scott Spark RC from Nora Pure Sports is one race machine. Even how it comes out of the box, its ready to race.

Of course I wanted to make it a little bit more individual, getting everything lighter, stiffer and faster. Don’t forget the style, a little “bling-bling” shouldn’t miss while I am racing- keeps my motivation level a bit higher.

So it came with a weight of 10,8kg without pedals. I was used to race on my last years Cannondale Scalpel SI which had 9,9kg with pedals. My Hardtail was the Cannondale FSI, which had 8,9kg with pedals. The goal was clear, the weight of the Hardtail, the performance of the fully.

I worked together with the Suspensionlab that provides me with lighter drivetrain and a lighter fork, and with tune to get the most out of all the components like saddle, stem, bar, bottle cage and of course the wheelset.

Everything worked out pretty well, the high end group set Sram Eagle XX1 with a golden touch was not only light and strong, its golden details matched the tune parts perfectly.

It was never a goal to build a bike that is only light, but not strong enough for racing. So we were putting on some Continental protection tires for the perfect finish.

In the end my Scott Spark RC was a strong and fast 100mm race fully with only 9,3kg – with pedals and ready to win.