MS Carbox

Car wrapping deluxe.

If you ever need your car wrapped with some high quality material and work you have to checkout MS-Carbox in Vienna.

After a nice chat with Sani, the owner of the company, we arranged a little cooperation together. So I got my car wrapped for my big summer road trip around Europe where I visited 17 countries, I did 11.000km in my van, I competed in 6 races and I traveled 66 days in total. So the design of the van had to be special. It should be unique, modern, stylish, fast, sporty and deluxe. Nothing easier than combining this in some grey tones of matte wrapping foil and some strong yellow for accents. Also, it should have some space for sponsor logos on it, as well as my logo, website and name.

After a week in the garage this beauty was born, and I am always happy to take it for a spin.

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