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Challenge St. Pölten 70.3

After a 21-month break, another race was planned on May 30, 2021 to find his way back into the triathlon event. Signed up late at the beginning of April to increase motivation in training and to have a goal in mind. I've never started over a middle distance (1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21km run), but in my head there was always the goal of trying this distance only when I make it to the finish line under 4:30. With this motivation set, I made a coach change in order to set new stimuli here as well. My new coach “Kathrin Wychera” from Qualitymovement carried out performance tests and targeted strength training with me. The training intensity increased enormously in the first week, but it went like clockwork. Long runs and racing bike rides were available at the plan pools to train swimming were closed until a week before the competition.

With 3 swimming units but thousands of km on the bike / running, I started the race in St. Pölten on Sunday. The lake had a fresh 14 degrees and the 1.9km had an additional 200m long shore leave. After 33:09 I got out of the water, luckily without a watch, because I would not have been happy about this swimming time. Greedy for more, I ran into the transition area, looked for my bag with the number 289 to put on my helmet and sunglasses and to stow the neoprene from swimming. Quickly switched to the triathlon bike / time trial bike, I put a lot of pressure on and overtook one after the other. The route was tough, to the 90km there was an additional 800hm. After 2:25:18 I had also completed this discipline. During the race, my power was shown in watts on a small display on the handlebars. I followed the instructions of my trainer exactly and also paid attention to proper nutrition / drinks so that I have enough energy replenishment. The final half marathon followed. I was able to start running from the transition area with a 3:40 and steadily level off at 3:50. There were 2 laps with 10.5km to run. Many spectators cheered us on in the center of St. Pölten and kept the mood high. I finished the half marathon with a time of 1:19:05 and finally crossed the finish line after 4:23:52. My goal to undercut 4:30 was achieved, and also found my way back into sport after my 2 year break. I could say it couldn't have been better. In addition, I became national champion of the middle distance - I only found out afterwards that these were held there.


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