Qualitymovement gym

Triathlon is about swimming, biking and running.

Some people say its also about transition, but most of the athletes forget about all the hours we spend in the gym to get strong in our core, legs and arms. The gym is very important to get the fitness we need to get the speed from running and cycling onto the road.

Personal Training

It is personal coached training under the supervision of a coach. We talk about the goals in your sport and we try to specify the training to fit you the best. Exercises are chosen individually. Training techniques will be discussed and trained.

Kathrin Wychera Bakk. Sport Science

Together with Qualitymovement I work on my skills in the gym and my strength I need to compete amongst the world best athletes

only 8 exercises

  1. Single Leg Squat
  2. Kettle Bell Swing
  3. Calf Raises
  4. Push Ups
  5. Pull Ups
  6. Sling Trainer Rowing
  7. Kettle Bell Walks
  8. Double Sling Trainer Plank

Warm Up. Warming up is always the key for staying healthy and painless during the training. It doesnt matter if you are doing a run/bike session, or a qualitative gym session – always warm up first.

Balancing on a ball or something unstable keeps all your muscles working.
Use exercises where you need all your body to do it properly.

Exercise 1: Single Leg Squat. Don’t take too much weight in the beginning, start slowly and calm before killing it. The best is to face a mirror to control yourself.

Leg on a bench – front knee behind your toes.

Exercise 2: Kettlebell Swing. Swing that bell, but don’t forget your back.

Knees deep, back tight, face focused.

Exercise 3: Nordic Hamstrings. This exercise is probably the one that most people never do – like me. It seems to be easy, but the pain comes quickly.

Watch out for your nose when you get tired.

Exercise 4: Push Ups. Probably the first exercise you learn as a kid, but still one of the most tiring ones.

Old but gold.

Exercise 5: Pull Ups. Everybody knows them – everybody hates them. This time the goal was to go up quick and fast, and down slow and calm.

Less speed – more output.

Exercise 6: Sling Trainer Rowing. When this little tool was founded some years ago, my gym sessions went crazy. You can easily adjust the hardness of the exercise by moving your feet more to the front or more to the back.

Don’t loose the stability in your back.

Exercise 7: Overhead Carries. I think next time I will do this one earlier in the program, balancing a 10kg over my head after getting tired arms with the exercises before was a bit sketchy. “Grow with the task.”

Don’t drop it.

Exercise 8: Double Sling Trainer Plank. If you still have energy left, this exercise is perfect for the end when you want to make sure not going home with some extra energy.

There is no muscle not working.