Lake – Offroad Tri-Shoes

As I got the great opportunity to get a custom made offroad triathlon shoe from Lake Cycling, I am writing down a little test report.

  • MX 332 mountain bike base
  • TX 322 triathlon upper shoe

These two shoes got combined into one, with the great Lake’s SPD Compatible Bath Tub Rubber flat sole and the amazing Durable Microfiber upper with NuFOAM™ & Trek-Dry breathable, moisture wicking & antimicrobial lining combined with the 40mm hook & loop strap with fast transition forefoot L6 BOA closure.

With a profile specifically designed for very high-cadence riding & higher pressure, our Competition last features a more curved profile than the Sport last. The main differences include increased toe pitch & heel lift, a tighter heel & a slightly wider ball girth to allow the foot to expand under high pedaling pressures.

Lake Cycling International
Photo credits: Carel du Plessis

The first impression of this shoe is just amazing, the quality of the materials and how they are combined to a shoe was perfectly considered. With its very lightweight carbon sole and perfectly fitted upper part it is extremely competitive to other companies offroad Tri-shoes (at least there are a few now a days).

Photo credits: Raphael Lorenzi

After a couple of kilometers on the bike I can say, that the shape of the shoe fits perfectly, with its holes in the sole, incoming water from river sections runs out within seconds which is perfect for keeping the shoe light while competitions. Even Racing the Xterra Cyprus in them was fun as I didn’t get any blisters from riding without socks. The transition works perfectly, due to its big velcro fastener I was able to step in very easily, and even without closing the front part with its BOA-System, it was tight enough on the first bit of the course.

Photo credits: Carel du Plessis

This shoe is definitely the best I ever saw when it comes to Offroad-Triathlon competitions and I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a fast, light, durable and strong cycling shoe. More about the MX332 and the TX322 on their website, where you can also order your pair of cycling shoes.

Lake Cycling International

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

Multisport GPS Watch With Maps, Music, Metrics and More Premium multisport GPS smartwatch with wrist heart rate technology and color TOPO maps featuring Trendline™ popularity routing to help you find and follow the best paths. Fit for adventure with rugged design that features stainless steel, titanium or diamond-like carbon (DLC) titanium bezel, buttons and rear case. Sync with music streaming services such as Spotify® to easily store and play your favorite songs right from your watch Garmin Pay™ contactless payment solution² lets you make convenient payments with your watch. Built-in navigation sensors include three-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter as well as multisatellite (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) network capability to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone. Battery performance: up to 12 days in smartwatch mode and 8 hours in GPS mode with music (depending on settings).

Garmin International

After using the old Garmin 920XT for about 2 years it was time to get some upgrade. I was never satisfied with the models that came after the 920XT (like 735xt) as a multisport watch, but now with the Fenix 5 Plus everything has changed.

At this point I have to say thank you to Nora Pure Sports and Garmin for this amazing gadget. Amazing about this watch is not only the size and how compact it is, its also the menu and the buttons and its usability. The new Fenix 5 Plus has lots of training pages pre set that are very easy to use. As there is winter in Austria I programmed two new training pages, one for ski mountaineering and one for XC Skiing. It was so easy to set up, I just pressed the “+” page, selected the sport, changed the profile a bit to see my heart rate, distance and time on one page and was already ready to go.

Photographer: Aidan Nugent

Compared to my old watch, the 920XT, the new Fenix 5 Plus has one button less (only 5) which makes the watch more easy to understand. In the beginning I thought it will be a problem, and that the usability will be less easy, but after 2 training sets I changed my mind, everything makes sense, the menu, the starting, settings and even the laps are working perfectly.

Its the first time that I use a watch with wrist heart rate measuring, it works unbelievable well during the day, but I wouldn’t recommend it during hard interval sessions or sprints. The GPS is very precise and fast in finding satellites, even in tight forest it wouldn’t disconnect which is very important for mountainbiking and trailrunning.

Photographer: Aidan Nugent

With its only 76g its definitely not heavy to carry around, and the big display is good to even see 4 settings on one page. The strong body of the Fenix 5 Plus is up to 100m water proof which most of the people doesn’t need, but its a good thing to have.

Also the design of the watch is in the perfect balance between sport and lifestyle watch. It looks slick but also a bit “sporty”, the metal parts makes it strong and durable.

All in all the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus is a multitalent in every detail and perfect for an active lifestyle as well as for data hunting professional athletes.

Salming iSpike

After testing the all new Salming iSpike, I can only tell you one thing. Perfect grip with the “megagrip” sole, spikes included – no more sliding on snow and ice

iSpike – ice is just a surface! A state of the art, lightweight performance winter running shoe! Based on the success of the award winning Salming Trail5, we set out to create the winter running equivalent of it, we wanted the shoe to perform and make you feel secure and confident when hitting the occasional icy spot and provide an amazing ground control in winter snow packed terrain. To succeed we have once again teamed up with the worlds leading authority on performance outsoles – Vibram – the Swedish-Italian design and technology co-operation continues.
The iSpike upper is made in a light weight durable ripstop fabric that features a soft mesh lining that keeps you warm at low temperatures. The exterior is simplified, a shell design in order not to harbour any snow or ice that might melt or cause discomfort. At front tip there is a reinforced area – The IceShield – made in durable PU with a microfiber backing. The lacing area consists of a fully integrated ExoSkeleton™ in the shape of four webbings on each side that locks the foot down creating a firm fit. Combined with Salmings Wool Sock, with its ergonomic fit and thermal functions – you are ready to go.
The unique outsole is developed utilising the new and revolutionary Vibram LiteBASE technology that allows for a thinner and lighter outsole construction, minimising weight by some 30%. In this case the Litebase comes with Vibrams critically acclaimed Megagrip (present on the award winning Salming Trail5) compound which characteristics are a sticky and very long lasting compound that provides excellent grip on wet, muddy, slippery surfaces as well as dry rocky surfaces.
Integrated into the compound there are 13 virtually indestructible tungsten carbide tip studs that dig into the ice, snow, mud or gravel, and provides a excellent traction. To prove our point, we took the iSpike to the most extreme of icy circumstances – the ice hockey rink – please access to see more. Point is, if it performs well here, it will perform during your winter runs as well.

Salming Sport Austria

MS Carbox

Car wrapping deluxe.

If you ever need your car wrapped with some high quality material and work you have to checkout MS-Carbox in Vienna.

After a nice chat with Sani, the owner of the company, we arranged a little cooperation together. So I got my car wrapped for my big summer road trip around Europe where I visited 17 countries, I did 11.000km in my van, I competed in 6 races and I traveled 66 days in total. So the design of the van had to be special. It should be unique, modern, stylish, fast, sporty and deluxe. Nothing easier than combining this in some grey tones of matte wrapping foil and some strong yellow for accents. Also, it should have some space for sponsor logos on it, as well as my logo, website and name.

After a week in the garage this beauty was born, and I am always happy to take it for a spin.

Lake MX145

What a great winter cycling shoe.

This shoe is my first ever Mountainbike shoe for cold days. Since now I was always cycling with some GoreTex over shoes, but I always got annoyed when it came to the point where I had to clean them as it is super muddy and dirty out on the trails in winter time. This Lake shoe is amazing, the material is super water resistant and you stay 100% dry. The temperature inside the shoe is normal, not to cold and not to warm. It always depends on the time you spend on your bike, but after my 3 hours bike rides it gets a little chilly in there. The shoe comes with a very grippy sole for perfect traction off the bike.

MX Sport Last – This last features a larger, more roomy toe-box than our Comfort last while providing increased foot control through the heel & saddle of the foot. The resulting fit is designed for aggressive riding while remaining comfortable to wear all day. Ideal for couriers, adventure cyclists & anyone else who wears their cycling shoes for long periods of time.

  • Outsole: Hypergrip Enduro Sole with Ice Lock anti-slip lug inserts
  • Upper: Waxed Canvas, Leather and a Waterproof membrane for a highly water resistant upper
  • Closure: Dual Side mounted Push/Pull BOA IP1 lacing system with releasable guides

I think its the perfect winter shoe if you have a good body heating, as it gets colder than -5 degrees you should better look for the next model which has more cushioning. The design is a timeless modern design that fits every cycling kit perfectly.

Dont forget to checkout their page: Lake Cycling

all i need. White Tea & Vodka


The great drinks from all i need. are perfect for some light aperitives in the evening.

Simply take:

  • 4cl Vodka
  • Filler all i need. White Tea
  • Lime cutted and squeezed
  • on ice

Invite some friends, buy some appetizers and the evening is perfect.

Don’t forget to check the all i need. Homepage.

Test review, Compex SP8.0

After 5 months of testing the SP8.0 from Compex in competitions, after trainings, travel days, I finally write down a little report. I met Eric from Compex Austria in June, we had a nice chat about racing, his and my experiences in cross triathlon while having coffee. He also brought me the new SP8.0. Its a fantastic gadget, very small and easy to handle.

I used it over 5 months while traveling threw Europe for 11.000km in my van, doing some races of the Xterra World Tour. I really used it every day, sometimes after really hard training sessions, sometimes just after a long car drive to get relaxed again. Little massages helped me from now and then. I really fell in love with it.

I was not traveling alone, so always when I used it, also my travel buddies could use it and they were as excited about it as me.

There are 3 different things:

– the controller (small like a smartphone)

– the pods (4 pieces, each has 2 sides)

– the pads (small, big or double for putting on the skin for the connection)

You use the controller to dial the program from the very easy menu. You choose between training relaxation, massage, endurance, strength, kapilarisation or regeneration massage. Each has also different muscle groups to choose. First you choose, then you put on the pads. Its very easy, a small drawing shows you where to put it on, to get the exact muscle that you want to massage with it. The micro gel on the down side of the pad sticks onto your skin. 

Also for going on a flight with it is very easy, you store the controller, the pods and the pads in a little bag and you can easily bring it with you. One battery lasts for at least one week, even by using it every day. I tried most of the programs, but the most important ones for me were always muscle relaxation after the training or massaging after long car drives. 

I am really looking forward to test the other functions during my winter build up training for the next season. I highly recommend electrostimulation for everyone who trains more than 4 times a week. It helps to get stronger while helping the body to stay fresh and relaxed.

For more details you can find Compex online under this link: or on their Facebook or Instagram page.

Tubolito “TUBO MTB” 29er

These orange little tubes are from “Tubolito”, a little company based in Vienna.

I was lucky and had the chance to get in touch with them already in the start up time. The two founder Akos and Christian are two amazing characters who I started a big friendship with, after only a few words. After our first meeting back in 2016 our cooperation started, and I am now one of their companies team riders.

As I am most of the time training on my MTB, I use the “Tubo MTB” the most. There are a few words I copied from their website:

Low weight: For 29er tyres, more than 100g per wheel can be saved compared to standard butyl tubes – and almost twice as much space when packaged. The riding safety is twice as high as for standard tubes and offers maximum protection against a breakdown. The assembly is just as comfortable as with butyl products. Tubolito tubes are also a lightweight alternative for tubeless riders.

And this is my test review:

I am definitely one of the tubeless guys, because I just love it to ride my tires on a little bit lower tire pressure to have more grip on the uphills and downhills. More grip means less tire pressure, which means more dangerous to get a puncture. Since I am cooperating with them, I am riding Tubolito tubes in all my training wheel sets. As they already in their slogan say “not your normal tube” there is something special about them.


There are not only Tubolitos in my training wheel sets, I also always have one in spare with me which fits into my jersey pocket very easily due to its small size. My sport brings me all around the world and I tested the Tubo MTB on most of our continents. I tested them in Africa, Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Thats why I can say I know almost every soil and material you can ride on. Did the tire break? Almost never. No matter if it was sandy, rooty, rocky or if there were some needles, the Tubo MTB handled it all.

Due to its very strong membrane its almost impossible for thornes to destroy the tube. Even little snakebites are no problem for this little orange guy. Even if the tube gets destroyed by a sharp rock (you can see on my picture), the tube keeps the air.

Extremely easy to mount. Only with a few deep breaths you can inflate some air, the tube gets in shape easily and you can mount it between the tire and the rim easily, even without tools. The endless mess with milk that drops everywhere has finally an end.

Heavy weight? Not at all, with its super light 85g in the 29″ version, its one of the lightest tubes on the market, with a much stronger performance than normal tubes. It also lasts much longer than tubeless sealant, because there is no liquid that dries out.

A big advantage is the size, because the Tubolito doesnt take a lot of space, you will always find some space in your bike jersey. No matter if you are shredding some home trails in your training or if you are on an important race, this spare tube is never too big or too heavy to bring it with you.


I did my whole 2018 season preparation on one set of Tubo MTB, I rode hundreds of kilometers in training, and I even did some cross country competition with these in my tires- they never disappointed me.

And the best comes in the end. The crazy flashy orange color is so strong, that you will never have to search for your tubes again, not even if your garage is messy.


If you don’t believe me try it yourself, and get your own Tubolito today on