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Xterra France

 Xterra France 02. July 2017 This event is the biggest Xterra event in the world and this year its the first time that I am here for racing it. I was completely amazed by the course, when I checket out the bike course for the first time I had so much fun on the trails. […]

Pöllau Mountainbike Marathon

 What is a better mountainbike training than racing a Marathon? Right, racing a tough Marathon, I signed up for Pöllau, lots of teammates with me, racing the classig distance with 75km and 2500hm. The weather was nice, the sun was out, the temperature around 25 degrees but not too hot. We all started into the […]

Mitterberg Mountainbike Race

 I definitely love my trainer, but when I only see that I have to race a mountainbike race one day before I think of taking it not really serious. It was half an hour drive by car to get there so it was very easy and relaxed, I signed up in the morning, did my […]


 What does the Hochkönigmann and me have the same? We both get sponsoren by this amazing running company from Sweden called Salming. I got the connection like 2 years ago, and nowadays we are not only working together, we also became very good friends. This means that this event is definitely a must do for […]

Xterra Portugal – Golega

 Do you know these grand parents that out of a sudden think they missed your childhood? Okay I am talking about my grandfather, I always tell him storys about my travelling, racing and exploring new countries, but he was alwys just smiling when I told him I race the Xterra World Tour, because he never […]

Klosterneuburg Sprint Triathlon

Oh yes, this year was the first year of the all new Klosterneuburg sprint triathlon. This is very special for me because its my hometown, I grew up here in the last 24 years and nowadays the city of Klosterneuburg is also a big sponsor of me. Lots of teammates from the nora racing team […]

Xterra La Reunion

What a great island was my thinking when I got this invitation letter from the guys from Xterra La Reunion. The only problem was, that there was this MTB stage race in croatia only 3 days after the Xterra where we signed up in a team of two. Anyway, I asked my teammate who was […]