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Xterra Denmark

The Xterra European Tour Final and Gold Event took place in the beautiful are of Denmark called Mons Klint. I did this race already two years ago and I liked it a lot. After the last 3 very strong races for me I went into this last Xterra with a lot of confidence. We started […]

Xterra Norway

When I started to put all my racing gear, my bike, my shoes, the helmet etc. into transition, the race director told us the water temperature of the lake we had to swim in today and it was down on 13 degrees. They made the decision to reduce the swim course to the half distance- […]

Xterra Finland

MY FIRST XTERRA WORLD SERIES PODIUM. One week before after my race in Germany I started driving north. On my way I picked up my teammate Raphael and from now on we did the trip together. After sleeping each night on our way in a different country, we finally made it to Imatra, a beautiful […]

Xterra Germany European Championship

I started at this race the first time in 2014 when there were also the ITU World Championships and I truly fell in love with it. The very known “O-See-Challenge” is now one of my to dos during the last seasons. I started there for the 4th time already and it became one of my […]

Xterra Poland

After my three weeks mid season training block without any racing I came to Poland for the Xterra here in Krakow. I got there together with my girlfriend Mikaela one week before the race to checkout the course and spending some time in the beautiful old town of Krakow. We enjoyed it a lot, also […]

Xterra Italy/Scanno

The Xterra in Scanno, one big story, by far the most amazing Xterra world wide and definitely my favorite in Europe. It was my fourth start at this amazing event, and I loved every single moment. We got there very early, almost a week before the race because the venue is high up in the […]

ITU Cross Triathlon WCS Denmark/Fyn

This years ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships were held in Denmark/Fyn, in the program of y huge Multisport Festival with Aquathlon, Doathlon, Long Distance triathlon etc. This race was my absolute must fun event in my whole triathlon career. It was amazing. How it all begun, I planned my season with a huge road trip […]

Tubolito “TUBO MTB” 29er

These orange little tubes are from “Tubolito”, a little company based in Vienna. I was lucky and had the chance to get in touch with them already in the start up time. The two founder Akos and Christian are two amazing characters who I started a big friendship with, after only a few words. After […]