MS Carbox

Car wrapping deluxe.

If you ever need your car wrapped with some high quality material and work you have to checkout MS-Carbox in Vienna.

After a nice chat with Sani, the owner of the company, we arranged a little cooperation together. So I got my car wrapped for my big summer road trip around Europe where I visited 17 countries, I did 11.000km in my van, I competed in 6 races and I traveled 66 days in total. So the design of the van had to be special. It should be unique, modern, stylish, fast, sporty and deluxe. Nothing easier than combining this in some grey tones of matte wrapping foil and some strong yellow for accents. Also, it should have some space for sponsor logos on it, as well as my logo, website and name.

After a week in the garage this beauty was born, and I am always happy to take it for a spin.

Lake MX145

What a great winter cycling shoe.

This shoe is my first ever Mountainbike shoe for cold days. Since now I was always cycling with some GoreTex over shoes, but I always got annoyed when it came to the point where I had to clean them as it is super muddy and dirty out on the trails in winter time. This Lake shoe is amazing, the material is super water resistant and you stay 100% dry. The temperature inside the shoe is normal, not to cold and not to warm. It always depends on the time you spend on your bike, but after my 3 hours bike rides it gets a little chilly in there. The shoe comes with a very grippy sole for perfect traction off the bike.

MX Sport Last – This last features a larger, more roomy toe-box than our Comfort last while providing increased foot control through the heel & saddle of the foot. The resulting fit is designed for aggressive riding while remaining comfortable to wear all day. Ideal for couriers, adventure cyclists & anyone else who wears their cycling shoes for long periods of time.

  • Outsole: Hypergrip Enduro Sole with Ice Lock anti-slip lug inserts
  • Upper: Waxed Canvas, Leather and a Waterproof membrane for a highly water resistant upper
  • Closure: Dual Side mounted Push/Pull BOA IP1 lacing system with releasable guides

I think its the perfect winter shoe if you have a good body heating, as it gets colder than -5 degrees you should better look for the next model which has more cushioning. The design is a timeless modern design that fits every cycling kit perfectly.

Dont forget to checkout their page: Lake Cycling

all i need. White Tea & Vodka


The great drinks from all i need. are perfect for some light aperitives in the evening.

Simply take:

  • 4cl Vodka
  • Filler all i need. White Tea
  • Lime cutted and squeezed
  • on ice

Invite some friends, buy some appetizers and the evening is perfect.

Don’t forget to check the all i need. Homepage.

Test review, Compex SP8.0

After 5 months of testing the SP8.0 from Compex in competitions, after trainings, travel days, I finally write down a little report. I met Eric from Compex Austria in June, we had a nice chat about racing, his and my experiences in cross triathlon while having coffee. He also brought me the new SP8.0. Its a fantastic gadget, very small and easy to handle.

I used it over 5 months while traveling threw Europe for 11.000km in my van, doing some races of the Xterra World Tour. I really used it every day, sometimes after really hard training sessions, sometimes just after a long car drive to get relaxed again. Little massages helped me from now and then. I really fell in love with it.

I was not traveling alone, so always when I used it, also my travel buddies could use it and they were as excited about it as me.

There are 3 different things:

– the controller (small like a smartphone)

– the pods (4 pieces, each has 2 sides)

– the pads (small, big or double for putting on the skin for the connection)

You use the controller to dial the program from the very easy menu. You choose between training relaxation, massage, endurance, strength, kapilarisation or regeneration massage. Each has also different muscle groups to choose. First you choose, then you put on the pads. Its very easy, a small drawing shows you where to put it on, to get the exact muscle that you want to massage with it. The micro gel on the down side of the pad sticks onto your skin. 

Also for going on a flight with it is very easy, you store the controller, the pods and the pads in a little bag and you can easily bring it with you. One battery lasts for at least one week, even by using it every day. I tried most of the programs, but the most important ones for me were always muscle relaxation after the training or massaging after long car drives. 

I am really looking forward to test the other functions during my winter build up training for the next season. I highly recommend electrostimulation for everyone who trains more than 4 times a week. It helps to get stronger while helping the body to stay fresh and relaxed.

For more details you can find Compex online under this link: or on their Facebook or Instagram page.