ITU Cross Triathlon ECS Ibiza/Spain

The last big race of the season was the this years ITU Cross Triathlon European Championship on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

We arrived there a week before the race. I shared an Appartement with friends from Switzerland, it was great. We had lots of fun, good training and amazing food. My season was already super long, and it was hard for my head to focus on the race. We checked out the bike and run course properly to know exactly where to ride and run during the race. It was a very fast course with lots of rocks and some roots, my Scott Spark fully from Nora Pure Sports was the perfect weapon for this terrain. Also on the running course it was super rocky with some sharp rocks and deep sand passage on the beach.

The start was pretty late at only 2pm in the afternoon and the swim course was one big loop of 1000m. There were lots of fast swimmers in the elite field so I couldn’t really follow. I was pretty much swimming all by myself with 2 other athletes behind me. As I am not one of the fast swimmers its hard for me to swim any tactics like I could do on the bike, my rule is always fulgas and giving all I have.

I came in T1 quite far back with 2 other guys which I dropped back already by only changing onto the bike. I pushed as hard as I could on this crazy loop course. We had to ride 4 laps each 5km which is only 20km in total with a super high average speed which made it even harder to catch up some time on the bike. My legs were quite lazy that day and not really well performing. So I came in T2 still out of top 20 which made me really focusing on the run.

The run started on the beach which was super tiring but fun, and lots of people were cheering us threw the deep sand. I found a good pace and made the run to my personal best discipline of the day. I was running together with a friend from Portugal and we pushed us to the limits together. My running pace was quite nice and I could made up some places.

In the end I just finished in the Top 20 at this ITU Cross Triathlon European champs. Extremely far away from my top 7 goal but still happy to finish without crash or cramps. There are some very good days and there are days where you just can’t show your performance.

I am glad to finish this 2018 season on this beautiful island to get the first relaxation on such a beautiful place. Program for the next few weeks: offseason, legs up and party.