Xterra Denmark

The Xterra European Tour Final and Gold Event took place in the beautiful are of Denmark called Mons Klint. I did this race already two years ago and I liked it a lot. After the last 3 very strong races for me I went into this last Xterra with a lot of confidence. We started at 10am in the morning, and we had to swim in the nice but cold sea. After 2 laps of swimming with a total distance of 1500m we had to climb up 297 steps up to transition area. Some athletes took off their wetsuit already at the bottom of the stairs.

I came out of the water quite far back, but I was running up the stairs fast to T1. With my bike performance I tried to push myself to the front of the field, and it worked out pretty well. After 3okm on the bike I came into T2 on the 8th position with some   tired legs from the bike, but the run worked out even better than the bike.

With a gap of 2 minutes to the guy in front of me I started the 10km trail run. After the first of 2 laps I already made the gap smaller to one minute. When I finally could see the guy in front of me the gap between us was only 30 seconds when we reached the stairs for the second time in this race. He looked a bit tired already and I knew this could be my chance. I pushed myself into the limit, I gave all I had and I managed to close the gap until the top of the stairs. After this we had a sprint finish for the last 100m into the finish and we both gave everything we had. in the end it became a photo finish with my unluckily on the 8th place.

I was a bit sad with how this came out in the end, but I was still happy with my 8th place finish which gave me some extra points in the European overall ranking and pushed me to the 9th place over all. I have never finished a season in the top 10 overall ranking so this was a great extra achievement for me.

Xterra Norway

When I started to put all my racing gear, my bike, my shoes, the helmet etc. into transition, the race director told us the water temperature of the lake we had to swim in today and it was down on 13 degrees. They made the decision to reduce the swim course to the half distance- only one loop. I was really happy about it as the swim is my weakest discipline. My motivation level went up immediately.

After 750m of of swimming in this cold but beautiful lake in Norefjell I came out of the water on the 5th position, only 1:30 back on the leader, I couldn’t believe and knew this could be my day. My legs felt fresh on the bike and I instantly rode away from the athletes who came out of the water together with me. I pushed myself further and further and caught almost everyone in front of me, managed to ride into second position on a 30km bike course with more meters up than down, because the T2 was up on the mountain. I finally came into T2 in 3rd position, with only 30 seconds onto the second.

Behind me there was a bigger gap with more than a minute. The run was super hard with again lots of steep uphill trails before the long and technical descent started. The distance to the first and second stayed the same all the time, but from behind there came a very fast athlete and friend of mine, Peter. He definitely had the best running legs today and made up lots of positions.

Only about 1,5km before the finish line I had to pull out a bit because of cramps and he overtook me just in the perfect moment, there was no possibility for me to fight back. Finally I finished only seconds behind the podium on the 4th position. I could redo me last weeks podium experience but still collected important point for the overall tour ranking.

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