Xterra Italy/Scanno

The Xterra in Scanno, one big story, by far the most amazing Xterra world wide and definitely my favorite in Europe. It was my fourth start at this amazing event, and I loved every single moment.

We got there very early, almost a week before the race because the venue is high up in the mountains on high elevation and we needed the time to get used to the oxygen decrease. The trainings on the course, no matter if bike or run was lots of fun, always followed with a cool refreshment in the beautiful lake.

At the race day, the temperatures of water and air were super nice and warm, a non wetsuit swim. I started into the race with a good portion of motivation, caught my friend from South Africa on the swim and we raced together. We came out of the water together and started onto the bike. It took me only a few kilometers to ride away from him and 3 other guys. I felt really good- this time on my Scott Scale Hardtail from Nora Pure Sports to keep it as light as possible for the waiting high meters on the course. I raced this course faster than ever before. It was great, I made up some spots to the 7th place in T2.

The final run was fast, I had to push myself deep into the paincave, because behind me were some athletes coming up and I didn’t want them to pass me. So I finished this race on the 7th place, which is my pb on the beautiful race course of Scanno.



ITU Cross Triathlon WCS Denmark/Fyn

This years ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships were held in Denmark/Fyn, in the program of y huge Multisport Festival with Aquathlon, Doathlon, Long Distance triathlon etc.

This race was my absolute must fun event in my whole triathlon career. It was amazing.

How it all begun, I planned my season with a huge road trip through Europe, but before this all started I had the chance to race at the world champs in Denmark- which was my absolute most important race of the season. My coach and I worked for this race for weeks. I got there a week before the start, but I stayed in Copenhagen for 2 days before I actually got to the place. I enjoyed the city life and some easy training days, just enough training to keep rolling, but also some sightseeing and cruising to get the head away from the race.

When I came there we checked out the course together. It was pretty sweet, I booked a house for 8 people, and we stayed together with friends from Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and of course my girlfriend from South Africa. So we were 5 athletes in one accommodation, so whenever someone went for a ride/swim or run, we had someone joining which made the atmosphere so great. There were some great opening ceremonies, food market and live concerts before the race week which we enjoyed a lot.

The swim was held in the harbor of Svendborg with only 1000m of distance. We had bad luck and on the race day we had quite a lot of jelly fish on the course. I came out of the water in 29th position, it was not such a big gap, but still a lot of time between me and the front. I stayed calm and just put all my focus into my pedals. I pushed it like there was no more day after this day, and it worked out pretty well. I overtook athletes one after the other and made a really big step in front. My Scott Spark race fully was perfect for this course. The single trails were in a little forest next to the village, very smooth and soft riding, but if you don’t practice properly the course spits you out. I rode up to some friends of mine from South Africa, at this stage of the race I knew I am in the game. We rode together to T2 and worked together pretty sweet.

I came back into T2 in 13th position, behind me 4 other athletes. I was the quickest in changing, so I ran out first. I know that running is not my fastest discipline, but I just had to give it a try. In the beginning the gap got slightly bigger, but I felt that this wouldn’t end good and I pulled out a bit. The caught me and we were running together. In 2nd position in this little chasing group I didn’t see a root on the trail and I fell badly. I hurt my back and my arm. I jumped up as fast as I could to catch them again. I also felt a little bit dizzy, but it was all good. My good running rhythm was gone, but after a while I found back into my racing mood. I worked me back into my position and finally overtook them. I managed to finish on the 13th spot- it was crazy how many places I made up after the swim.