Sziols X-Kross

The Sziols X-Kross is one of a kind sport glasses.

When I first came in contact with Sziols back in 2016, I truly fell in love with this piece of engineering.

First try and first impression. I was amazed. Never before I tried sport glasses that fitted so well, without jumping when I am running and without getting foggy on the bike. The system of sziols, is that you can put lots of different glasses into one frame. There are frames in every color you can think of and there are glasses for every sport you wanna do.

The solutions we develop in-house are always a long process of the interplay of sporting and individual needs, technological possibilities, physical laws and constant striving for perfect results. The products are continually being improved. With the help of athletes, ophthalmologists, opticians, technicians, engineers and sports scientists, we are able to offer sports glasses that help to make sport safer and improve performance.

– Beate Gabelt CEO –

Running, Biking, Triathlon, Hiking, Trailrunning, Skitouring, Skiing, Climbing, Aquatics, Sailing, Trekking, Inline Skating, Tennis, Kayaking, Lifestyle and Fishing.

These are the sports they are talking about on their website. I tried mine for hundreds of training hours, in running, mountain biking, skitouring and hiking. Changing lenses between the sports to always have the best visibility was never so easy.

There is nothing like a foggy screen or the sun mirror is to dark in the forest, you can choose colors, shapes and designs of your glass. The X-Kross from Sziols protects my eyes during training and racing. The glasses last for years without chipping or scratching, even in mountain biking with mud and little stones the X-Kross is strong enough.

For stylers out there its even possible to change the ear grips to make your style complete.

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Austria Swim Run Klosterneuburg

Always try new things never gets old.

When my fried Philipp told my about his new race series and wanted me to race I didn’t really know what to expect. Swim-Run. I have heard of it before, that there are races in Sweden where you swim from island to island and then you run and you jump into the water again to swim to the next island and so on. But in Klosterneuburg? So they marked a very nice little course. It was always swim, run, swim and run in one lap. We had to do 3 laps of all this which means swimming with running shoes and running with swimming cap. It was a fantastic experience. As I am not a very fast swimmer I always had to catch up on the run. I managed to run the fastest split of the day, each lap, but the guy who was the fastest in the water was always ahead of me, no chance to close the gap. In the end I finished second in the overall ranking and first in my age group. It was so much fun that I would definitely try it again next year.


Zoggs FX1 Wetsuit

You don’t even feel it.

Finding the perfect wetsuit is never easy. The shoulders are too big, the legs are too long, the belly is too tight, the flexibility is not enough.

Every open water swimmer or triathlete know what I am talking about. This is my fourth wetsuit from a different company, and the FX1 from Zoggs is definitely the best I ever had. All these problems I was talking about are gone. It literally feels like a second skin, helps you with the position in the water and doesnt stops you from flexible arms.

THE FX1 is all about flexibility, which comes in the form of its Ultra Flex panel in the upper body. The lining has a four-way stretch into the arms giving the swimmer maximum freedom of movement in the arms and shoulders, reducing fatigue and improving performance. Our tester found while it wasn’t very flexible around the midriff, there was a good range of movement around the arms. The main criticism of the suit is that it is very buoyant so the legs floated very high and our tester found it difficult to use them for rotation and balance at times. The grips around the wrist are tight which gives a strong fit against oncoming water and allows for a great feel when in the glide of the stroke.

This wetsuit let me rethink every open water swim that is below 18 degrees, because its just fun to put it on and glide through the water. The material is stretchy at the arm parts, but helps with the buoyancy at the legs and chest. While the arms are thin and light, the legs are stronger to get a better position. There are 4 different materials used in this suit to have the best out of three worlds, packed into one suit.

For more details check it out on Zoggs