Weinbergtrophy Mountainbike Team Race

 This is an absolute season finish classic race with all my teammates from the Nora Racing Team. The 5 hours mountainbike race is a race for everyone. It sound freakin hard, but you can race it single or in a team up to 4 persons. The course is a loop of 10km and you can change after every lap.

Last year we managed to race for the win, and this year our goal was to defend the title. Last year I was the first one from our team who started into the race, this year someone else started and I came in third. We changed in a wheel of 4 to get the longest break in between the racing. When I started into the race we were already leading so I only tried to expand the gap to the second team.

It was a great race, we didnt have any big troubles and could defend our title. In the end we managed to ride 130km in total in only 5 hours and 2 minutes. This race is always nice, and I will always come back again.