Xterra Utah/USA

 During my travelling in Canada I was thinking about one last big trip in this season. After a couple of emails and whatsapp messages I decided to travel to the USA. My teammate Markus and I started our trip to Los Angeles one week after I came back to Europe from Canada. The idea was a road trip from Los Angeles threw Vegas, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and some other fance nature stuff north to Salt Lake City. The last Xterra race of the Pan American Xterra tour took place in Ogden. We arrived in Ogden a couple days before the race. When we checked out the bike course for the first time we suffered a bit because of the hight at 1800m.

The days before the race the weather became colder and colder, the forecast was about 3 degrees at the race start, where we had to swim 1,5km. When I was thinking about that I felt cold immediately. On the next day in the morning I didnt feel very strong, my nose was closed and the lungs full of water. I started into the race and had problems with the breething during the swim. Even on the bike I couldnt push really strong. The problem was not about the legs, they felt fresh, the problem was more about the lungs. The breething was really heavy but I couldnt change it. I was a little bit disappointed about by biking and was hoping for a better performance on the run.

The T2 was high up in the mountains, the sun was finally out and it became a little bit warmer. I started into the run and it was much better than on the bike. My lungs opened a bit and could breeth easier. My pace got faster the further I came and in the end I really enjoyed the race.

I finished on the 17th place in the end of the race, it was definitely not the result I was racing for, but the place and the people made it worth to came here – another great adventure. 


Salming Elements

This shoe is made for the special races in Sweden, the new sport called “Swim-Run” is a combination of swimming and running. It means you start with all the equipment you need for both disciplines, there is nothing like a transition zone, but lots of changes between swimming and running. You can imagine a race that starts on one point and you have to reach the finish line far away crossing lots of channels and little islands by foot or in the water.

When adding the Elements model to our range, we aimed at creating a performance off trail shoe which incorporates Salming´s running concept and principles.

Elements enables you to run anywhere or swim for that matter and get the best out of you. The outsole provides exceptional traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Elements has a more roomy toe box compared to its trail sibling, the Salming Trail, in order to provide a possibility for the fore foot to expand properly in the landing phase, making it more effective in a biomechanic perspective.

For this sport you need grippy running shoes that doesnt take too mach water, but still have a solid sole for muddy terrain. So Salming set this as a goal and made this amazing amphibious shoe. I tested it on lots of different terrains to find out where this shoe is the best. And if you don’t choose the track or some asphalt, its amazing everywhere. One very big plus of this shoe is the sole, its in one piece, without any holes but with very long grippy fingers. So I was testing them in Denmark after 3 days of solid rain, the forest was muddy, slippery and very steep. I chose the Element for racing there and it was an amazing feeling. No more sliding at all.

The long fingers on the bottom of the sole handled everything pretty well. Also on the hard flat sections it was not too uncomfortable to run with this aggressive sole. As there are enough of them, it makes a nice feeling and doesnt hurt on trigger points while running on hard asphalt.

The upper part of the shoe is very open, so whenever water comes inside, it goes out pretty well. Nevertheless the shape of it is perfectly holding your feet in place to have a save feeling all the way through the run. Also in the Austrian alps this shoe is a winner, on some stony, muddy trails, nothing is better to use than the Elements from Salming.

Make sure to checkout their homepage: Salming.com

Pictures: Dominik Simon