Pöllau Mountainbike Marathon

 What is a better mountainbike training than racing a Marathon? Right, racing a tough Marathon, I signed up for Pöllau, lots of teammates with me, racing the classig distance with 75km and 2500hm. The weather was nice, the sun was out, the temperature around 25 degrees but not too hot.

We all started into the race very motivated. When there is a mountainbike race where there are more teammates from the nora racing team at the starting line its always a little internal battle for the best ranking. So I started my race, everything was nice, the field got longer and the packs lighter. I was riding together with two of my teammates, sometimes I was little more in front, sometimes they were. But when I reached the first downhill, I pushed a little stronger over the hill before and got a gap in between. After about 30km I coundt see them anymore. While I was racing on about position 6 or 7 I got slower and slower, the bottle was already empty and the food too. I knew that there was an aidstation just a few km ahead, the only problem was this very long and steep climb. 

In the end I wasnt even strong enough for the first gear, it was hurting a lot. Finally I reached the aid station, lost some places already and I took my time to get fueled again. After that I struggled for about 10 to 15 minutes to get my racepace back and finally I found back into the race again. I couldnt push as hard as I could before that, but I was able to ride with the other athlets. In the end I finished 11th after a very hard race, and I learned a lot from it.

We managed to get the podium in the Team category which was a nice little consolation for the day.


Mitterberg Mountainbike Race

 I definitely love my trainer, but when I only see that I have to race a mountainbike race one day before I think of taking it not really serious. It was half an hour drive by car to get there so it was very easy and relaxed, I signed up in the morning, did my warm up and was ready to race. It was a really small race but the athletes were quite motivated to win. I didnt expect anything and I started easy. We had to do two laps of 15km each, so I thought of checking out the others in the first lap and race them in the second.

I started in the very motivated first pack, they sprinted away in the flat, but once we reached the first climb they got slower and slower. I thought of doing the same but what for? I kept on riding my pace, didnt look back and the gap became bigger and bigger. Only after two more corners I looked back and the gap was really big. One tactic would be to wait a little bit and checkout what they are doing, the other one is push it all out and look how far you get. I did the second one and my focuse was the finish line.

After the first lap I already had a gap of 1:30 minutes, which is definitely not easy to close on this course because it was a super fast course. I felt really safe but I didnt want to slow down. The feeling wasnt racing anymore, it was more a very tough training session because I never saw anyone again. My second loop was almost the same pace like the first one and I finished this race with a victory and a gap of 3:34. Thanks for that and see you next year for defending the title.



 What does the Hochkönigmann and me have the same? We both get sponsoren by this amazing running company from Sweden called Salming. I got the connection like 2 years ago, and nowadays we are not only working together, we also became very good friends. This means that this event is definitely a must do for me. I travelled to the alps again with a teammate from the nora racing team. We are both offroad triathletes, but running some little trailrun cant be a big deal for us. 24km and 1500hm is definitely a big deal for us and it broke us both.

Okay back to the start, we came there in the morning, used these tiny little drink backpacks for the first time in a race. Mobile phone, drinking mug, rescue cover and some other funny things packed into it. The race started and I put myself into the front of the pack. Only for like half a kilometer but still I can say I was in the front. These guys are animals, it was unbelievable for me how fast you can move your body up and down mountains. The up thing was not that hard, but running down for about 600hm in one piece is definitely some serious thing that I wasnt used to. 

Markus had the same problems, but the stoke was high. I wasnt too far back in the field so I still had this race feeling while crying because of the pain in my legs. Finally I made it up to the last peak, now it was „only“ running down I thought. I had pain where no human beeing ever had pain before. It was crazy, cramps where I didnt even knew that muscles exist. I could put myself behind the finish line after this event on 16th position while knowing that I will do something like this never again in my life. Okay about two hours later I already said „lets do this again next year“.