Xterra Portugal – Golega

 Do you know these grand parents that out of a sudden think they missed your childhood? Okay I am talking about my grandfather, I always tell him storys about my travelling, racing and exploring new countries, but he was alwys just smiling when I told him I race the Xterra World Tour, because he never had any idea what it is about. So finally he asked me if there is any possibility to see all this swimming, cycling and running life?! I said well yes, there is, you only have to come with me. Thats exactly what we did, and now I had a perfect travelling buddy for my next race, the Xterra Portugal, it was my grandfather.

Five days befor the race we started our trip, flew to Lissabon and drove on to Golega where the race took place. I was training on the course in the morning, and did some touristic stuff with my gran in the afternoon. It was the perfect mixture.

On the 27th in the morning we met Rosemary, the mother of Xterra, she is just awesome, my gran sticked with her for the whole race and she gave him all the important information about how the race went on, who is leading, who could win and how I am in the race.

After this very dirty water we had to swim in I changed onto my bike, looking forward to get to the single trails. The beginning of the bike course was flat and fast, with lots of wind for about 5km, but once we hit the hills it was amazing. Technical sections and sometimes unrideable for some athletes. I luckily didnt crash on the deep downhills, but after two third into the bike and all the heat I got some problems with my endurance. My legs got lazy and the speed was gone. All the work up to the 5th place I did before got lost and the guys from behind caught me again. 

I changed to the run on 8th position, caught one or two guys, but some others overtook me again. The further I came the better my run was, but until the finish line I couldnt change anything about the position and finally finished on this 8th place on this day. I can definitely recommend this bike course to anyone, but take care of overdoing it on the first half of it. 


Klosterneuburg Sprint Triathlon

Oh yes, this year was the first year of the all new Klosterneuburg sprint triathlon. This is very special for me because its my hometown, I grew up here in the last 24 years and nowadays the city of Klosterneuburg is also a big sponsor of me.

Lots of teammates from the nora racing team brought their TT bikes. Normally I only race offroad triathlon that means that I dont even have a TT bike. 4 days before the race I called a friend, he gave me his bike, but without a rear wheel. So I called a secong friend of mine and asked him for a very fast disc wheel, and he gave it to me. Everything was sorted, very awesome. So I had this bike, but no idea how to sit on it. On the next day in the morning I did a little ride with a friend of mine that always rides roadbikes, we set up this TT bike to me, made a super fast bike fitting and tried to get the best position out of it for me. It was perfect, the bike fitted to me and I felt great.

On sunday morning we jumped into the water and started into the race with a 750m swim. These guys from the road are fast like hell, crazy. I took my time and did my thing. Into transition onto my new TT bike I only wanted to race it to catch up some places. All the rules with drafting and non drafting all this weird stuff an offroad guy is not used to made racing for me complicated. I got a penalty on the bike and didnt take it because I couldnt find the box in the transition.

I was very confused and started my run which wasnt very smooth anymore. The pace was not too bad, but the energy was gone. Finally I finished on 10th position but got DSQ because of not taking the penalty. I dont know if I will race here next year again because I dont have a TT bike, but if I will get the possibility I will definitely fight for the podium.